Redemption City Church Re-Brand

Our team of designers at my church was responsible for creating an entirely new brand identity and materials for the church's public launch. The logo was a combined effort. After brainstorming together, this logo was selected out of a few solid ideas. I was responsible for designing the materials shown here. Vector art credit for the Grand Rapids skyline goes to Yuri Konovalov (

This is the former front and back of the postcard being used to promote our new church plant. Our Media Team did a re-brand in eartly 2013. 
This was the banner I designed that served to welcome new comers before the re-brand.
This is the front and back of the new postcard design after the re-brand.
Lastly, this is the new banner created after the re-brand. 
Vector image credit:'>yurkaimmortal / 123RF Stock Photo

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